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Organic Fairtrade Sugar Trading

Sugar K Ltd is now a registered Fairtrade trader under Flo-ID 30561, developing the sales of organic Fairtrade sugar and marketing organic Fairtrade sugar in Europe and in countries as far as New Zealand.

Since 2013, Sugar K Ltd has gained expertise in the field of Organic and Fairtrade sugars. In particular, sugar products originating from Paraguay, a small country in terms of sugar production when compared to his giant neighbour Brazil, but which has developed a strong presence in the production of both Organic and Fairtrade sugars over the past 15 years.

Organic sugar usage worldwide, even though starting from a low base, has seen a strong progression volume wise worldwide; current consumption is estimated in the area of 350,000 metric tonnes yearly, while 10 years ago it was only 20,000-30,000 tonnes: growth in these organic products is running in double digit figures, while overall sugar consumption is only increasing at 2-2.5% yearly corresponding to population growth.

Paraguay’s Organic sugar production is estimated at about 125,000 MT annually, which makes it the largest worldwide producer of these sugars.  The Paraguayan sugars for export are not only Organic, but Fairtrade as well which gives them a real competitive advantage in “First World” country models, since certain producers are either Organic or Fairtrade, but rarely wear the two hats.

Sugar K Ltd is presently negotiating a contract with Rediex, the dedicated department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay, to act as a promoter of the worldwide image of Paraguayan Organic Fairtrade sugars and to develop new markets in strategic areas for Organic Fairtrade sugars. The sugar industry in Paraguay is in the process of rationalising its production and commercialisation sectors and, with its extended network, Sugar K Ltd is considered by the Paraguayan authorities as a partner of choice to consult them.

Sugar K Ltd has developed strong links with various Paraguayan groups of sugar Cooperatives looking for technical and financial assistance to build  new and more efficient sugar mills in order to capture a better share of the overall profitability of the business. The Cooperatives have entrusted Sugar K Ltd to find potential investors in these projects and to help them find new markets in different strategic world consumption areas.